Our Read: …find my people, Gombo & Slavery in NY.

Unearthing historical accounts concerning slavery on “Habitation, Haydel” today known as The Whitney Plantation / Museum in Louisiana, written by Dr. Ibrahima Seck, Director of Research & an esteemed member of the History Department of Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (UCAD), Senegal.

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Amandla – Brother Sechaba J. Mokoena of South Africa, iba’e

Community Ancestors

Most recently I took on the commission of installing an Ancestral Community altar paying homage to beloved Arts and Cultural leaders who’ve transitioned into the Ancestral realm, all-knowing that this calling was a whole lot greater than the actual work. 

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OUR Read! Dispossessed Lives: Enslaved Women, Violence and the Archive

Bridgeport, South Carolina, Barbados, Slavery, Women, Marisa J. Fuentes, Field Research Works, scholar

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…take care of your own backyard

#OAKLAND    “Take care of your own backyard, you just might find your Ancestors. ”    ~Claude Waters, Jr/R. Calloway                                         

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rootstech: Check your Spiritual DNA

Woke up on the 3rd Day of #ROOTStech conferencing, WHIPPED from all of the frenzy of information as the Salt Lake Palace Convention Center is huge, boasting “515,000 square feet (47,800 m2) of exhibit space, 164,000 square feet (15,200 m2)

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Purchased Lives – New Orleans *flashback to FALL forward 2016*

#PurchasedLives2015 #NOLA reflections: “…there’d be a many celebrated tourist haunts in the Quarter laced with “antebellumisms” of slave economy, and the prime commodity of the day — African Ancestored people.” ~ #workingmylines

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#NOLA Flash4ward – Marketplace

New Orleans is a myriad of dynamic movement on the ground, filled with voluminous aural sensory, cosmical crossings and most certainly movement through the people. In July 2015, I was prepping for full immersion into New Orleans Historic Collection “Purchased

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wRITEON Ancestors!

…I’ve come to far to turn back now. The fascinating stories of Genealogy bloggers kept me engross in the intrigue and unearthing finds of African American agents like myself, interested to rebuild their Family Trees, inspiring others along the way. 6 or 7 years later, I weather a daunting trailways of researching my Family History, 4 lines strong and write about it. This journey began as a work in progress, today it has transition into an important resource tool allowing greater technological and field research access that’d facilitate me working my lines — ’tis a courageous feat to tell the stories of those who are no longer here, yet our African Ancestral cultural traditions stands as an Ancient practice influencing leading Spiritual practices the World over. I benefit by birthright to access these sacred codes ascribed in my life script. In firm dedication forward, I am to BLOG MORE ABOUT MY ANCESTORS. *thinking on a Master Plan* ~R. Waters Calloway

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When Ancestors inform the Dance

Interview theme “Whose Do You Belong to?!” conceived by Regina Califa, #Dancestory Project Curator, hosted by Wanda Sabir New Orleans native and celebrated International Journalist/Activist of Wanda’s Picks.com  [originally recorded 08.07.15] “Dancestory” is a guided movement source of embodied knowledge – UNEARTHED.

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Family Reunion: Coleman / Culverson, SoCAL recap.

Southern California-– I am a double Family descendant belonging to the Coleman and the Culversons on my maternal side and at the helm hails my 90 year old Grandmother Elsie Waters, daughter of Mabel Coleman and Cleveland Culverson of West

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