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Amandla – Brother Sechaba J. Mokoena of South Africa, iba’e

Community Ancestors

Most recently I took on the commission of installing an Ancestral Community altar paying homage to beloved Arts and Cultural leaders who’ve transitioned into the Ancestral realm, all-knowing that this calling was a whole lot greater than the actual work. 

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Eku Odun – Happy New Year!

“Females carry an ovary of their grandmother”  Learn the ‘lore behind this quote from a post upon my Dance blog, the working organ of my #Dancestory2015 project. _____________________________________ Eku Odun – Yoruba for Happy New Year

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Blessed that be the ties that bind…thank you Auntie Lucy

Those who have gone before me, continue to live within my heart and soul; I am a thriving extension of that living heritage. ~R.Califa Calloway

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#Dancestory2013 – A Momentous Meeting in St. Louis

#‎Dancestory2013 #‎STL– Post #MAAGI, one of the climatic moments of my Sojourn a private tour led by the illustrious Ms. Ruby Streate, Director of Dance & Education for the Katherine Dunham Centers in East St. Louis.  Upon, crossing the building’s threshold of legacy

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Greetings from St. Louis #MAAGI finale

Greetings from St. Louis!  On an amazing journey, making tracks to build lasting legacies.  Just finished co-producing a blogtalk radio show segment I spoke about last post.  This was a “Blogtalk” class project was commissioned to Track 4 participants “Genealogy

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#Dancestory2013 – ZAPPED by Ms. Electra Price – Chief Genealogist

This Sojourn would privy me to the rare sittings and cherished conversations with Eldership who are trailblazers in this burgeoning field of Genealogy; As my interest is of African Ancestored Family Histories in shared vision with, I’d meet a

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#WINNER – AfriGeneas Scholarship Award

#WINNER – AfriGeneas Scholarship Award #Dancestory2013 NEWS: *still recovering from a natural high* – THIS EVE, I received notification of CONGRATULATIONS as the recipient of the AfriGeneas Scholarship Award Scholarship recipient covering tuition to study at the Midwestern African American Genealogy Institute (MAAGI)! Certainly

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#Dancestory: Algiers/New Orleans – ‘cross river ties

R. Califa, pictured at the historical colonial holding grounds in Algiers for Africans, before being sold to Market ‘cross river to eventually Congo Square; it also became the holding area for Cajuns dispelled from Nova Scotia; Today it remains a historical

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