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Amandla – Brother Sechaba J. Mokoena of South Africa, iba’e

Community Ancestors

Most recently I took on the commission of installing an Ancestral Community altar paying homage to beloved Arts and Cultural leaders who’ve transitioned into the Ancestral realm, all-knowing that this calling was a whole lot greater than the actual work. 

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Eku Odun – Happy New Year!

“Females carry an ovary of their grandmother”  Learn the ‘lore behind this quote from a post upon my Dance blog, the working organ of my #Dancestory2015 project. _____________________________________ Eku Odun – Yoruba for Happy New Year

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Blessed that be the ties that bind…thank you Auntie Lucy

Those who have gone before me, continue to live within my heart and soul; I am a thriving extension of that living heritage. ~R.Califa Calloway

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Unearthing the Story: When slain Matriarchs speak…

REEEEE-MIIIIX – Genealogists serve in a multitude of professional arenas. In the capacity as Curatorial Director, I was privy to participate in the stellar artistic works and exchange of Muisi-kongo Malonga’s “Kimpa Vita” creation. Daunting, yet always guided we prayed, researched and gathered oral narratives

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2013 Legacy Dunham Workshops in Oakland, CA

 August 11th – 16th — Oakland, CA: Historic week as Oakland is the Dance place for the 2013 Dunham Certification Technique Workshops held befittingly at the Laney College Dance Department, whose legacy lauds such Dance luminaries as Bay Area Pioneer Ruth

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#Dancestory2013 – A Momentous Meeting in St. Louis

#‎Dancestory2013 #‎STL– Post #MAAGI, one of the climatic moments of my Sojourn a private tour led by the illustrious Ms. Ruby Streate, Director of Dance & Education for the Katherine Dunham Centers in East St. Louis.  Upon, crossing the building’s threshold of legacy

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Greetings from St. Louis #MAAGI finale

Greetings from St. Louis!  On an amazing journey, making tracks to build lasting legacies.  Just finished co-producing a blogtalk radio show segment I spoke about last post.  This was a “Blogtalk” class project was commissioned to Track 4 participants “Genealogy

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#Dancestory2013 – BKNY Steps UP 4 OAK!

JUL3rd- A twitter-call out to Dance-kinship and Ms Denae Hannah answers! – Denae Dance Theatre creates performances from the physical collision of pop culture with high art. Current project: FIVE STAR CHICK. 411: #RiteOn

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#Dancestory2013 – ZAPPED by Ms. Electra Price – Chief Genealogist

This Sojourn would privy me to the rare sittings and cherished conversations with Eldership who are trailblazers in this burgeoning field of Genealogy; As my interest is of African Ancestored Family Histories in shared vision with, I’d meet a

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