AAGSAR Challenge launch, overcoming the challenge and discover that Ancestor.

You know THAT CHALLENGE upon your research that gnaws at you? You might excuse it away or put it down all together?!  Well certainly in my commitment to step up my research in researching my Family lines, I have ensued a many of a challenges personal, and rare circumstances, yet none greater than my passion to “Work da lines.”

Now imagine, a group of focused minded, divine-aligned individuals collectively sharing their stories, resources with ongoing support – discovering together and overcoming THAT CHALLENGE.  The guided and tenacious leadership of Ms. Luckie Daniels has tapped into a live wire of kinship, initiating the 2014 SPRING ANCESTOR CHALLENGE through The African American Genealogy Slavery and Research Group on Facebook with it’s motto:  “No Brick Walls Permitted.” Drawing inspiration from her blog I share in the belief that:

“..sharing information is the ONLY way we’ll be able to fully weave the fabric of our African-American family history!” ~OurGeorgiaRoots.com

Well said! And with that being said, below is my 1st submission to THE CHALLENGE! And I welcome fellow sojourners aligned, to join me in this quest…

Read on:

WDI_2014 - SPR Ancestor Challenge

2 comments on “UnEarthings
  1. Thank you for hearing the ‘call’ and following it, not always easy when doing ancestral work but always delightful in the doing surrounded by those you knew and those who know you.You inspire me to keep up the work!

    Much love and meaning Blessings!

    • Greetings Queen Rashidah; been a bit yet always near and always #workingmylines
      which now has extended to assisting others; thank you always for your kinship of support.
      Bless forward Sis Regina

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