Binding Family Ties

As a legacy Family quilter, I thrive on binding seams, crafting from scrap textiles and restoring cherished design works, breathing new life through creative manifestation.


This parallels the process I utilize upon my genealogical sojourn in bridging Family History stories while corroborating these stories utilizing technological tools, field research, and cultural exchange initiatives. Living the timeless wisdom of Ancestral inheritance advances the lasting story of your being.  Life is the gift of destiny encoded with sacred knowledge, choose to be the author of your own destiny and allow your Ancestors to guide you towards a successful life chapter.                                     Draw tips from a wellspring of Genealogy Societies and Circles I have learned and study from and feel free to review the other tabs of this blog for working inspirations.

“We carry within US the Stories of our Ancestors”

BOOKLIST: Much of my creative fuel comes from the testimony of others loaded with technical and research expertise. Often times fictional stories surrounded by actual historical accounts, gives insight into an era or a way of life your Ancestors might have lived. Here’s my suggested booklist guaranteed to inspire your sojourn and edify your Family History research.

OUR Read!

Consider this page a welcomed cove of inspirational learning. Visit the jewels of curated information I’ve researched and gathered assuredly to propel your Family History research.  I begin to share recent testimonies of lines I’ve been privy to research intersecting Family lines from the plantation to an Ancestor of Danes heritage? or how an Ori Spiritual sojourn reveals an exciting Ancestral connection to early  Jazz history.

SEE my exciting launch as a Professional Teaching Artist transforming my #Dance trajectory into a mediumship of service, opening gateways of healing transformation, through Ancestor research.

*click the link “UNEARTHED” below the image:

#Dancestory2013  inspired thru guided movement source of embodied knowledge –  UNEARTHED

And as every cue is a clue, keep an open ear to listen to the whispering wisdom from your Ancients.

“Truly, it is only within the indigenous paths of one’s Ancestors where your nobility birthright exist.”                                                 ~Mami Wata Healers Society of North America

YOU GOT ROOTS?! then you’ve got questions.  With skills honed, the field track of genealogical study has cultivated a unique perspective of benevolence, leading to an invaluable kinship of specialists in African-Ancestored Genealogy. What is your Family History question or what can you share about your sojourn? Ask and ye shall receive an answer.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Ancestors Bless, Guide & Protect.

~R. Waters Calloway, Field Research Genealogist

blog : “Working My Lines”

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